Lisa & Donald Gaw

(Shadow & Cooper)


"The Shortest distance between two points is a Mentor." ~ D. G. Gaw

Donald Gaw - Husband to Lisa, Dad, Granddad, Writer, Public Speaker, Veteran and Lousy Golfer.

I like rooms with books in them. I like comfy chairs that are hard to get out of. I like modest people that tell the truth. I like coconut cream pie.

I like older times when kids weren’t glued to a computer. When I was young, we were told to ask a police officer for help because they could be trusted.

I like fleeting memories of first loves. I like remembering how my Dad would tip his hat to a Lady and open the door for her. I like how we used to dress up to go out.

I like dinners late at night in a quiet spot. I like old lamps with a soft glow. I like how we used to know what the weather would be like depending on the month.

Years ago, you could trust the news. We could generally believe in our leadership. I remember how excited I was to enlist…and how scared. But, we did it anyway.

I cherish Family Reunions and mourn the passing of dear ones. I cry at the movies or when reading a powerful book passage. I don’t understand hip hop but I love a Jazz Trio.

I like solitude but love a full house.

I don’t understand hatred or holding a grudge. I believe everyone deserves a chance and equal treatment. And I know for a fact there’s opportunity everywhere!

And, I believe anyone can turn their life around if they want to. 

If you'd like to talk, we’re in the Eastern U.S. time zone and are online from 8 am to 8 pm daily except Sunday.

Thanks for visiting,

Donald Gaw