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Dear Friends,

It's a medical fact... by the time you've had a serious heart or brain problem, you're arteries may be hardened beyond a point where you can be helped with a circulation-boosting agent. It's too late.

The good news is a little-known circulation saver can help prevent hardening of the arteries.

In fact, some medical experts agree this natural remedy could soon make blood-thinning aspirin obsolete.

Remarkable results in just days!

"...patients are reporting more energy, less pain and a clearing of mental confusion in the first few days of use. We've already added it into our protocol for detoxification of neurotoxins."
Patricia Kane, Ph.D.

Most exciting development in the prevention of heart problems!

"In all my years of research as a professor of cardiology and pulmonary medicine, this represents the most exciting development in the prevention of cardiovascular problems. We've finally found a potent natural agent that can help thin and dissolve clots effectively with relative safety and without side effects."
Martin Milner, M.D., Center for Natural Medicine

This is life-changing!

"I have dedicated the rest of my life to the research of this. I've never seen an amino acid that has allowed me to assist my patients this significantly. Taking this is literally a life-changing event for them."
Dr. Ralph Holsworth, D.O.

"Friends...all I can say is this has helped me immensely. I've had two stents and one heart attack. Since taking Cardio4Life I feel better than I have in years. All I do is mix one scoop in a glass of water and drink it and I'm set for the day. If you have been worried about your heart health, I urge you to give this a try. You'll feel the difference like I did."


​--Donald Gaw

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