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A New Lease on life and business -

So, a friend and I were talking, and we were agreeing that one of the main reasons retention rates are so low is that there are millions of new products being offered online daily.

People are drawn to ‘new’.

Of course, many of these ‘miracle products’ are straight up crap promoted by copy and paste outlaws that tout their product as being unique and only up for sale for a short time. Get it while you can!!!


I decided to stop following the herd.

Now, after some time studying various companies and products and; taking stock of what I like and believe in, I chose to focus on just an essential few items to promote.

Once I made this decision, several things happened.

1. My days are simpler because I don’t have to learn about any new product

2. I spend my energy on just those things I believe in

3. I don’t get frustrated by not getting the results someone claimed to get

4. I’ve eliminated a lot of emails from promoters

5. I have more time to do what I want

6. My ad costs are now way down

7. I know exactly what I need to do daily

8. I can create banners for my programs and not for a new one

9. I don’t need new business cards or drop cards

10. My brand is stronger because I don’t jump around, people know what I do

11. I don’t have to change my keywords all the time

12. I don’t have to edit my website or add a new page

13. I earn more than ever before

These are just some of the benefits of focusing on one or two things consistently instead of jumping from ‘new shiny object’ to ‘new shiny object’.

Plus, this is a key component to any business success. And, that is…

Find a need and fill it.

And…don’t quit until you figure out how to do that.

Then…offer people what they need and offer it fast and free!

Therefore, I’m in two companies that offer products that will improve your health. Why two?

Well…their products are different. I get a few items from each of them. So, between the two, I get the positive health benefits I’ve been looking for. And yes, one is totally free to join.

People need to improve their health. It’s far cheaper to become and stay healthy than it is to have a major illness. I once spent 4 days in the hospital and the bill was $83,000 +.

Major illness can bankrupt most people. Especially in America.

Why not avoid all that pain and suffering and just get healthy? And, I found a great company offering products that can help any body and it’s free to join.

(find a need and fill it)

You must stay focused on one opportunity that you love. Keep working it until you get it right. Build it into something you can be proud of. Jumping around from bizop to bizop is not the way to make yourself successful.

To your healthy future,

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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