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A world in turmoil

On a flight a while ago, the Attendant was giving her opening remarks about emergency exits, seat belts, etc...

One thing stood out. When she came to the part about oxygen masks, she mentioned that the adults with children should put their own mask on first then help their children with their masks.

The point being that if we are not safe first, we won't be able to help anyone else.

I was thinking about that this morning before starting this post.

Across the Globe, people are suffering. We have Covid-19 to deal with. Many people are already in poverty. They are hungry, homeless and without hope.

Here in America, millions have lost jobs.

Then, there is the issue of Race. I cannot speak about how it is elsewhere, but in the United States, with Donald Trump as the President, we are seeing a rise in Hate Groups and in so called White Supremacy.

The KKK is gaining momentum again and Neo-Nazi Groups are becoming more vocal. Just the other day a policeman murdered a black man, Mr. George Floyd, by putting his knee on the man's neck and pressing his weight down on it for nine minutes.

It should be noted that Mr. Floyd was already in handcuffs, was laying on the ground and was complying with the four policemen. He was not resisting arrest in any way. He was murdered.

The policeman that killed him was charged with 3rd degree manslaughter.

This was excessive force born of hatred and racism. How else can you explain such an action? How else can you justify it? This type of hatred and disregard for Humanity cannot last. It cannot be allowed to last.

The other three offices just stood there and let it happen. They did nothing. They are just as responsible for Mr. Floyd's death as the perpetrator.

This incident, I believe, will bring about a change in our Society. It will either be a change for good or and change that will bring turmoil to our country for decades to come.

I wish for the former. My belief is we can come together.

When we consider that around 11.5% of the World's Population is might be time to think about things such as: cooperation, respect for others, love for one another, compassion and understanding for each other.

I hate to break it all the haters out there but, there is nothing special about being white. We are not smarter, stronger, or more talented. We cannot leap buildings. We are just White and Globally we are not the majority.

So, let us start accepting the truth. Hatred cannot endure. We are here along with everyone else, riding around the Cosmos on this one Planet. We must get along...or perish.

This brings me back to my recent plane ride. The flight attendant suggested we help ourselves first should the oxygen masks drop down. Then, we would be able to help someone else.

So, my suggestion is this. Keep striving to improve your life. Keep working on your goals and on your dreams. Keep looking for ways to grow your home-based business if you have one.

Above all, do not let hard times influence you to give up.

By giving up you will lose any chance to help anyone else.

Better yourself and by doing so, you will be able to help someone else and that, my friends; that one simple act of helping others can change and eliminate most of the problems of a World in Turmoil.

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