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Digital is my reality

I know a handful of people that earn a fortune selling pills. And...creams. And...drinks. And...oils. And...diets.

But, just like in business in the brick and mortar world, they comprise about 1 or 2% of everyone involved.

This is why we have such a high turnover (failure) rate in almost every Network Company on the Planet. I've written about this before. Too much competition almost guarantees you will not last and you'll have to chase that dream somewhere else...unfortunately.

However, my main reasons for favoring digital products over physical products are:

1. In networking, the (outdated) business model means the price needs to be high in order to pay people on all those levels. You also have to (usually) pay shipping and handling on top of the price.

2. Not many physical products, no matter what the advertising says, offer the instant gratification you can get by ordering a digital product. Seriously, no matter which pill or liquid or powder I've tried...none, zilch, nada, zero...have had any real positive result as to how I feel.

3. And, from a business standpoint, the playing field is easier to work in for average people. (It's an easier learning curve.)

Advantages of Digital Products:

> Easy to create...makes you the Brand

> Low to zero overhead

>Little to no cost to deliver

>No waiting for delivery (check your's there)

>Reasonable Pricing

>Great for Up-Selling (back-end sales)

>Can sell 100's (or more) daily

>Can easily be tailor-made for different markets (niches)

Then, there's that social snub thing we've all experienced. If someone asks what business you're in and you say mlm or network marketing; they sneer and run for the hills.

In the digital world, people ask what you do and you can say you're an Author or Creative Director. They will immediately move closer to you and want to know all about what you write about.

It's just nicer...

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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