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don't you hate it when this happens!?

You're online. You're minding your own business wandering around the internet, checking a few emails, maybe going on Facebook to see what some friends might be up to and BAAAAAAMMMM!!!

You land on the most wonderful offer in the history of all offers! You weren't looking for any must be fate. It must be. Right?

As you get further into this offer your pulse quickens, you sit up on the edge of your seat, you haven't even gotten to the cost yet but, you know you've got to take advantage of this. You'd be stupid not to.

Even though you haven't gotten to the 'Buy Button' you can already see how to pay off all your bills, remodel the house and go on a trip. Don't forget to see if they have guidelines set up for your new business cards too. And, don't forget to join all their Facebook and twitter groups.

At this point, you're beyond excited. But now you start to wonder, is it too expensive for me to get into? You start thinking about which credit card you should use to get it? You decide, since you're already sold, to scroll on down to the bottom of this offer to see how much it is.

Oh man!'s only $27.00 if I get in it today plus...I'll be one of the founding members. (You have no idea what a founding member is but, it sure do sound wonderful.) So, naturally, you make your purchase and wait for the confirmation email that tells you how smart you are for signing up.

I'm sure someone in your family would tell you how smart you are for free it you'd just take out the trash or cut the yard occasionally. Oh, well...

But you have dreams and this offer that you're a proud member of since well...for the last 10 minutes going to solve all your financial and lifestyle problems once and for all. You do want things for the family. A better home, more security, the ability to travel and have some fun. You want your kids to stop wearing hand me downs and you'd feel on top of the world if your Wife could stop working.

Now you check your email and it's there. The welcome letter. And, they are so smart for signing up. You're in at the perfect time. There's going to be massive numbers of people joining after you and you will reap the benefits by being an early bird. The spillover alone will make you a fortune.

You click on your link that takes you to your very own back office. It will be loaded with money making tools and a zillion testimonials telling you how great everyone is doing.

Wait, that link didn't land you in your back office just yet. There's a special announcement about another phase of the offer no one told you about before. Wow! You could make even more money if you just get into the 'Elite Level' and that's only and additional $87.00!

Barely and just ever so slightly a thought starts to creep into your head..."I wonder if there are more levels that I might need to buy?" Great question, my Friend.

So, you head on over to some search site to see if there's any info out there about your new business. Sure enough, lots and lots of info. Stuff like: Scam Report or Why I'm Not In XYZ Opportunity. Also, you find there are more and more up-sells in your future...if you stay with it.

Then another thought finds its way to your brain..."I wonder what I'd be selling?" maybe should a found that out sooner!!!

I wonder how many of us have been in similar situations. Working online is an emotional roller coaster. You see an offer. Get excited. Then, when you sign up, you find out you need to pay more to play with the 'big boys'.

Mostly what these 'Gurus' are selling is Training on 'How to Build a Down-line' or 'Facebook Marketing'. It's usually always some digital item that's been re-hashed to sound like it's original. It's not.

You can find the same info on most any search engine or by going to YouTube...for free.

What happened in is article is typical. It happens all the time. People are motivated by greed or the promise of future big money and they jump on the band wagon of the latest big thing. Some buy into these programs daily, spending more and more of their savings.

They're desperate and can't wait for someone to tell them about any new, miraculous system that will save them financially.

It's usually a scam, folks. In most cases, you can substitute 'Guru' for 'Con Artist' or A**hole! Sure, they make money. But their income does NOT come from using the system they're hyping. Their money comes from good people that buy into the 'Guru's' latest System. (like the one our 'hero' just bought)

So... here’s a rule of thumb for all of us. If the bottom line of any promotional AD or Email or Banner is: "If you pay me, my System will make you rich." DELETE IT!

Here's another truth. Making a living online takes work, patience, a little luck and lots of commitment. Just like working offline. The question you need to ask yourself is: "Where do you want to be on Mondays?"​​

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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