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Helping Yourself - My 3 Tips for Living a Happier Life

It seems every time I look someone has stopped working on their business. That makes me sad and I wish I was able to sit down and chat with them for a while because then, I could find out why they gave up and maybe help them continue.

Here are a few things that have helped me to motivate myself and not quit.

1. Gratitude - It has literally become a habit with me to be grateful for everything. Especially little things like...getting a bill in the mail and the amount was smaller than expected. Seeing an old friend, I haven't seen in a while or just finding a parking space new a store's entrance. I am grateful throughout my day.

Being grateful, once it becomes a habit, will expand your happiness. The days will seem brighter and people will naturally be drawn to you. You'll be kinder to others and will have a more positive outlook.

2. Faith - This one is easy. I know that I will succeed. Here's my secret. I look at how successful the people are in a business. Doesn't matter what type of business. I then try to get a chance to chat or talk with them and try getting to know them. The reason this is important is this: 'Once you know someone, you will see that they are no different than you are. No one has super-powers. We're all able. We can all learn.'

So... once I know that the people at the top aren't possessed with some magical power that makes them succeed then I have Faith that, if they did it; I can too!

3. Commitment - is my biggest strength. Yes, I am Grateful for the opportunities that I find. and I have Faith that I will be successful. So, once I make the decision to go ahead and join a Business Opportunity, I Commit to making it work. I will not stop until I reach the position that I want. Period!!!

No matter what happens, no matter if there are setbacks, no matter if my entire team quits, if I am sick, if my dog dies, if I run out of money, if my up-line won't speak to me...NO MATTER WHAT...I will not stop until I achieve the Income and the Success I seek.

Knowing you will not quit before you start simply means that you've already made the decision to be successful. And that...makes all the hard work, long hours and any frustrations simply something to manage and overcome until your Goals are in sight and you are leading the life you seek.

Some may say that's being stubborn. OK. I just know there's no reason for anyone to live an ordinary, humdrum life. We weren't put on Earth to simply exist. We're put here to make a difference.

All the best to you,

Donald Gaw

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