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I Dare you to read this!

Nowadays with all the scams, lies, con jobs and outright thievery being promoted online; it's hard to get real businesses started. We've become so used to being disappointed that it's almost impossible for us to believe anyone about anything on the internet.

Mostly we ignore about 98% of what we’re told.

At least I do.

It used to be, if you, as a kid; wanted to make some money you could sell lemonade or cut the grass. I remember selling pencils one time. Did fairly well too. Had brand new, unused pencils and sold them for a dime apiece.

Now sadly, if I told you, I'd give you a pencil for no cost'd run screaming in the other direction. And all because some very unscrupulous folks reside on the internet with their only purpose being to get you to send them money.

Times have certainly changed. It makes things a bit harder.

Let me tell you about a startup that I've learned a lot about these last couple of months. They don't sell anything. Instead, they offer ways you can lower your monthly expenses. It's a simple enough concept. Lower your expenses and you'll have more money left over to do things like pay off bills or add to your savings.

You can join as a Charter Member or as a FANN (free member).

Either way, you can use their free Concierge Service to lower some of your expenses. All you do is fill out a short form and let the Concierge people try to find you better deals on Mortgages, Phones, Autos, etc.

I have used this service and it works.

All that's cool and all but the real money in this will soon be available and it’s just around the corner. You see, these are progressive business-people. They've had major successes in several business areas and boy have they come up with a doozy! Read on… you’ll want to be part of this!

In the next few weeks, they'll start offering a free debit card tied to a free bank account. Not to worry, this bank is a regular FDIC Bank with all the features you have at your current bank. Loans, Checking and Savings Accts. etc...

Now (here comes the genius idea) ...when we use this New Debit Card, we'll get to share in the Fees that Banks Charge!!! Huh?

Okay...let's try this again. Did you know that whenever you swipe your current debit card the bank collects a fee? Yep! Banks are making a killing.

You use your current debit card to eat out...Swipe! The Bank collects a fee!

You go buy gas for the car...Swipe! The Bank collects a fee!

You buy a shirt...Swipe! The Bank gets another fee!

And... this happens every day, all day long, 24/7. Whenever all the people that you see every day go swipe their debit cards the bank rakes in a fee...every time! All the time!

Literally Billions and Trillions of dollars flow into the Banks from all over the World from the millions of people swiping all those Debit Cards!!!

Do you use cash that much anymore? Heck, I bought a milk shake the other day and swiped my debit card! It's just how we do business Every. Single. Day.

So... back to my Start Up.

Not sure exactly how the idea came about but, let’s say these 4 or 5 really successful business-people were setting around a campfire. (it could be) They were just relaxing and talking about ball games or the Kardashians or someone’s new Automobile...whatever!

Anyway, one of them says (hypothetically): "Hey, let's find a way to make as much money as the banks do on all those debit card fees!"

Another one then says: "Hey, no business. We're supposed to be relaxing."

The first guy then says: "No, I'm serious. I think I know a way we could do it."

And the rest is becoming history. This is where the snowball starts forming and slowly, slowly starts inching down the hill...ever so slightly picking up speed as it gets bigger and bigger.

(the bigger it gets...the better it gets)

And that brings us to the Start Up once again.

The business was created.

The idea was deemed feasible.

There were bumps in the road and hurdles to jump and obstacles of course. There always are. But...they persevered.

The brilliant, golden nugget in their concept is this. (wish I'd thought of it) Let's give a free debit card and a free bank account to people that want to join us and: Let Them Share in the Fees Generated by all those Debit Card Swipes!

Yep. Simple. Elegant. Genius.

Not only that...Let's let them share in the swipes of the people they give our free debit card to! And in their people's people and their people's people's people...etc... Wow! Do you get it yet?

Imagine if you had a small team of people...let's say 100. They all have your debit card. They start swiping it every day, several times and... you get paid each swipe!


What if you had 1,000 people in a down-line all swiping the card and you were getting paid several times daily...over and over?

That's what this is all about! It's real. Just imagine the possibilities.

Now you might wonder why someone would use this card. Because this card has a built in Savings Mechanism that comes with it. You'll have to ask me about that part but, no one and I mean no one would want to use any other debit card except the one you share with your friends and associates.

Bottom line is...the card will save you money while you're earning money on everyone's Swipes!

It's genius. It's never been done before and; it will Revolutionize the Future of How We Do Business! This levels the playing field so the average person can share in the wealth that flows daily from every corner of the World. This river of money never stops.

You now have a way to get into this vast pool of cash and take your share!

When you have time, I'd like you to look at a page of mine at:

It's instructions on how to join for free so you can check it out. FANN Members have great benefits with this and obviously, paid Charter Members can earn a lot more but that's your choice.

Look...I get're skeptical. Everyone is. But as a free member you'll have access to all the training and webinars and calls and Facebook groups so you can decide what to do in an intelligent manner. You’ll be ready when they start issuing the free Debit Card.

Talk about changing ordinary people's lives!

Just go ahead and look already! It's at:

Call me if you have any questions or email or however...just get in touch if you need to. The contact info is at the bottom of my Site's Page.

Go there now and... you’re welcom. (Thanks for reading. It's the longest post I've ever done.) lol

The best to you and yours,

Donald Gaw

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