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If you don't mind, join for free


My suggestion regarding rNetwork. Be a free member. Even if you never decided to upgrade, our free membership will save you money every month!

So, why do that?

One reason, you've probably see posts about rNetwork and, if you ever looked into it and our free Visa Debit Card but weren't sure if it might be a good fit for you; the Free Membership is a great way to find out what all the buzz is about.

We've got some great benefits. Our rConcierge is an exclusive service for Charter Members and FANNs of r Network. You can get expert advice and direction from industry insiders on some of life's largest purchase decisions like buying a car, getting a mortgage, choosing a mobile plan and more. They will guide you through the entire process and provide exclusive savings that are not available to the general public. From start to finish, your concierge will be with you every step of the way.

Joining as a FANN is free. The monthly subscription is $0.00.

Your free membership lets you start saving right away. There's no time limit. You could be a free member as long as you like. We call our free members FANNs. It stands for Financially Affulent Network Nominee. When you go to the site, join for free as a FANN and start using our Concierge Service for savings. Click Here

And, since there's no auto-ship or annual fee; this Membership is truly free. You'd be able to see how everything works. You can attend free webinars about our company and you'd be the first to hear all about the next phase of benefits to be added. There are some exciting things in the works.

In January, we're rolling out our free Visa Debit Card and our free APP for even more benefits to you. And, after experiencing what rNetwork is all about for a few weeks (or more), you might decide to become a Charter Member. By the way...we're in over 80 Countries already!

When you join or upgrade to Charter Member you will not only enjoy the full benefits of our product suite, you will also be able to earn commissions as you build your own network of Charter Members and FANNs.

Charter Membership is $68 the first month then just $38 monthly thereafter. You can cancel anytime. Charter Members receive 5,000 Points each month to use for discounts on dining and merchandise. This works out to about $50 in value each month. So, you're actually ahead of the game from the start plus...Charter Members can earn team commissions and company bonuses.

Back to my suggestion. Join as a FANN (free membership). Check everything out. See how it all works and enjoy some savings. It's a great program with much more to come.

Call or message me for details. You can't lose as a FANN at rNetwork.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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