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It Only Takes 5 Minutes To Be Fired! Now What?

Anyone who works a 9 to 5 type of job, or any type of shift work is at the mercy of whoever the boss happens to be.

When this job is your only source of income you are very vulnerable to a lot of things outside of your control. In other words, you can be let go, down sized, have work hours cut back or, outright fired. This can happen on any given day at any time of the day and for any reason management can make up.

You could be the best employee anyone has ever seen, and before lunch, you could be driving home early with no job and no future paycheck and with no benefits! This happens every day.

This is the very reason we like a company called AmeriPlanUSA.

When Lisa and I started working from home one of the things we realized was we needed to get some type of benefit protection in place that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. We could have kept our benefits from our last jobs but that would have cost us almost $500 for just the two of us!

At the time, that wasn’t feasible while trying to start up a brand-new work-from-home business. In plain language we just couldn’t afford it. So, we look around and found Ameriplan.

Ameriplan is a savings program. It is not Insurance. It is a way though, for you to save money on your healthcare. For example, you can save up to 70% on an MRI. Up to 60% on Lab Services. You can save up to 50% on Chiropractic Care. You can save as much as 85% on Dental. You can save another 50% on Hearing Aids. You can save up to 85% on Generic Prescription Drugs. And, up to 60% on Vision Care.

Once Lisa and I learned about these benefits we became members. Seriously, why would we pay almost $500 monthly when we are not sick every day?!! We only really need to pay for Health Care when we need it! We are in pretty good health so paying big health insurance fees when we aren’t using it just didn’t make sense.

With AmeriPlanUSA the cost is $39.95 per month for the whole Family! We were saving money on health care services and saving almost $400 dollars per month on payments! No brainer!

AmeriPlan even has Telehealth included which saves you time and money over actually going to an office visit.

Who is Ameriplan for?

Anyone laid off from work. Anyone with a high insurance deductible. Or, anyone that works for a company that has benefits but the cost is too high. It’s for Single Moms or Single Dads. Maybe your company’s Insurance does not provide full coverage. You can save by also having AmeriPlan.

You can learn more about AmeriPlan at:

AmeriPlan also has a very good Affiliate Opportunity. (just saying)

Bottom line is you can save money with AmeriPlanUSA.

All the best…

Donald Gaw

P.S. - We specialize in free and/or low-cost programs that work. There's free training and a sign-on bonus when you partner with us. We believe working from home is vital to you becoming debt and stress free! Go to: to visit or contact us.

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