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Know Who You're dealing with...

Have we become jaded by all the hype and scams and outright lies we see daily online, in social media, in news feeds and spam emails?

Or...are we just more cautious because of the above?

The reason I ask is when something that's really, really fantastic does come along (rarely); are we so skeptical that we just overlook and ignore it. Lumping it into the 'trash file' with the rest of the (mostly) crap that's put on the internet.

I have to laugh at some of the ads. "I'll show you how to earn $8,750 every week!" That one's probably posted by some guy with $26.00 bucks in his checking account!

Or...we have the 'Work from Home' Ads. Most of these you must register with the company by paying a fee before they will 'allow' you to start earning. Beware.

And how about the one where you paste decals on your car with a special code that: 'when 100's of people click on the coded get paid!' bs...You're driving around, in traffic and you want some nut to text your link? Please!!!! Put your phone down and pay attention to the other vehicles. also have to buy the decals and pay for 'shipping and handling'.

The best ones though are the 'Just Discovered' Method of making money. It's comical. We've been on this Earth for 10's of 1,000's of years and this one guy was able to have a financial breakthrough to millions of dollars per year that...for a small fee...he will share with you! What a guy!

Some of them even put up videos about their money making system. One guy I saw was apparently living in a studio apartment. You could see his sofa-bed and dirty dishes in the sink. Good Grief. If you're gonna scam me as least be professional about it and put up some sort of backdrop.

And while I'm on the subject, the next time you send me a pic of you in front of some fancy car, make sure the dealership's sign isn't visible. Thanks.

But life goes on. We're all subject to people that will take advantage. Just as in off-line business, the buyer beware rule applies.

Now...please, forgot all that talk about hype and scams because I'm getting ready to pitch my business to you! lol

If you are interested in something that has great potential, I came across some (to me) new technology that makes it possible for us to be paid several times daily. This is something that people use every day, all over the World. It's become a part of everyday life and we can take advantage of it as well as being able to better the lives of anyone using it.

Also...this won't interfere with anything you;re already doing.

If you're curious, go to: The Site There's a little 1 minute, 25 second intro video there that you are welcome to watch. Or, you can Text: wegotbank To: 844-944-0916

Thanks for reading and I hope things are going well for you.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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