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Making multiple businesses work

With all the shiny opportunities to pick from online, it's tough trying to decide which one to try to earn money with...or, how many to earn from.

After trying a few different ones here and there over several years, I finally figured out that it would help if I focused on one key trait or a key benefit.

So, I decided that no matter what business I might pick, it should be truly beneficial to others in some way.

Then I chose to build a website that could act as a hub for all that I am into online. Sort of like a train depot where you could go and pick out which track or tracks you might want to go on.

So...I chose businesses based on the following:

A. Each business had to offer some type of savings!

B. Each business had to be easy to start and run.

They can all be found at -

Here are the ones I like and earn with:

1. r Network - this is a new enterprise based in the U.S. It has advanced technology that will literally change the way people do business. It saves people money automatically with its A-1 technology laden Debit Card. You'll be able to earn when others swipe their cards. r Network has paid me monthly since joining even while in a start-up phase.

2. 5IPHON Hardcore Extreme Traffic Builder - You can join for free. It's helpful in that it can generate traffic for your offers quickly and with little effort on your part. List building can be stressful so, I use this to help alleviate that stress. There are no monthly fees. The more traffic, the more you can earn.

3. VIP Legends Network - A neat little business that allows the client to pay you directly. You can earn $100 repeatedly. It helps people in that it will save you money on your cable bill by offering 1,000's of TV Shows without cable. It's ingenious and clients can earn with it.

4. ShopFreemart - Free Lifetime Membership. Your Health is Your True Wealth. No Autoship and reasonably priced items with very effective products. I use these daily.

5. AmazinGrape - A simple business, one product that has been extensively researched for decades and tested for its Anti-aging Properties. Again...Your Health is Your True Wealth. Also, low-cost and free shipping. This product has been used of hundreds of years to help everything from Allergies to Wrinkles.

6. Dollar Coffee Club - Offering Coffee and Tea for about $1.00 per cup. Saves you money over Starbucks and each cup is infuse with targeted botanicals that are as satisfying to your waistline as they are to your taste buds. Saves you money and can help you become healthier.

We've always specialized in free or low-cost businesses that can save you money and that will benefit you and enhance your life in some way. I guess you could say we’re a micro-conglomerate of sorts. With today’s tech tools it’s easy to have multiple streams of income. We also have free training each week for all partners.

With us, depending on what your needs are, you can start a business entirely for free. You can easily save $100.00 each month on your Cable Bill. You can get Discounts on your Cell Phone Service or if you want to Re-finance Your Mortgage. And, you can develop optimum health thus avoiding Doctors and Hospitals and Clinics. Believe me it is a lot cheaper to maintain your Health than it is to become Sick.

So... when someone asks me "What do I do for a living?" My reply is: "We serve others by showing them how to save money and I make money when I do and, you can too!"

All the best,

Donald Gaw

Ph: 502.608.9055

P.S. Visit us anytime at:

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