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Mlm is not about recruiting -

I know...I know. Probably your entire upline is telling you to go out and recruit as many people as you can as quick as you can. But that isn't how you grow a team of people that you can count on keeping.

Here's what happens. Once you join an mlm, you start to talk others into joining you. You bug folks to death talking about how rich you're gonna be and how you're leaving your job soon!

All that does is turn people off. Yes, you have your own business but, you're acting like a salesman. A pushy, arm-twisting, hype-spewing salesman.

So, here's what you should do.

First, let's go back to square one and start over at the point where you've just joined your business. Now s.l.o.w. down!

Instead of trying to sell everyone. Why not become a counselor. Don't try and recruit anyone. Nope. Don't do it. First thing to do is learn all about your new business and especially their pay-plan.

Study that. Learn all the ends and outs of it. Does it have any break-away or compression? How wide can you build? How deep? What are the percentages being paid on each level? How many levels are there? Is there spill-over? Does it pay-out weekly, bi-weekly or every month. What about charge-backs or returns?

Now, once you know all this, ask yourself; how many people do I need in my team to make $1,000 each month? What about earning $2,000 monthly? How many team members do you need for that?

Now you've got the beginnings of a plan.

If it's a high-ticket business, you'll need less people probably. However, high-ticket sales also mean high turnover. People will get in but then a lot won't be able to afford to stay if they don't sell.

How about lower cost items? What can you make in a business like that? Well, I know of one business that cost $20 per month to belong. It pays out to 10 levels with each member getting just 2 people on each level. The residual income with this program is $4,104 per month. Not too bad. $4,000 extra coming in would change the lives of 90% of the people you talk to.

Every company's pay-structure is different. That's why you must take the time to study and learn what it is your involved with. You must know what you’ll be earning, or you won’t know how to help your team. And, you'll just look un-professional and nobody worth their salt will want to do business with you.

It’s nice when you can instruct your team on what it takes to earn xxx dollars with just 2 people or 3 or 4? This is how you help them grow. If Mary only wants an extra $500 each month, you can show her how to do that. If Sue what’s $3,000 monthly, you can devise a game plan for her to reach that goal. You can show here exactly how many people she’ll need on each level. This way she can turn around and instruct her down-line in the same way.

This way you become the authority. People that trust you will stay with you.

Now you have a team of people that have a game plan. They each know what to do and they’re not confuse or frustrated. Mike can say to himself, “if I just get 2 people to sign up each month, in just 10 months we’ll have a great extra income and Mary can maybe quit her job and stay home with the kids!”

What you’re doing is giving people hope. People with hope will work for you and they will stay once they see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So... now that you know what's going on with your business, it's time to have an intelligent conversation with someone.

Remember...relax, don't push, don't raise your voice or become excited. And... Don’t talk about the product! Not once, not ever!

Wait a minute. First you said not to recruit. Now you say don't talk about the product!!!!'re right.'s the deal. This is the real.

Everyone you know has some type of problem. You need to believe that. It doesn't matter what that problem is. It might be illness, debt, bad relationships, the basement flooded, it might be their job, or a mistake they've made or, just a feeling of total dissatisfaction with how their life has turned out.

And... this is where you come in.

Do you know what will solve 95% of everyone's problems? MONEY!

Therefore, you shouldn't recruit and why you don't mention products. It's because people don't care about any of that. Whether they know it or not, they're waiting for someone to come along and show them how to solve all the problems they’ve accumulated while trying to live the American Dream.

They feel trapped and are looking for a way out. And, in their minds, the way out is by figuring out how to get more...MONEY!!!

And guess who already knows how to do that? YOU!

You hold the key. You belong to a great company with a great pay plan. You've done your research. Now you share that knowledge with the people you know…once they join you. Not before they sign up but, after they join.

And... you do it by commiserating with them. You become one of them. You join them in their misery. Shouldn't be hard to do. You probably know how they feel? Am I right?

Here's something you can say to break the ice. Maybe you're having lunch with a colleague or sitting in the back yard with a neighbor and after a while you say something like: "Can I ask you a dumb question, are you happy with the way your life has turned out?" "I don't mean to dump on you but, my Wife and I were talking a few nights ago and boy, we're not as far along as we thought we'd be by this time in our lives."

At this point, if he's happy as a clam. Don't proceed. However, if he agrees with you then you say: "It would sure be nice to have a few extra dollars coming in each month." "Even just $500 more each month would make a big difference."

He will probably agree. If not...there’s no need to go further!

But if he agrees then say something like: "Well, I’ve been looking into this and I want to improve things for my Wife and Kids so I've looked at a few ways to bring in extra money...if anything like that pans out, I'll let you know how it goes if you want me to?"

Now shut up! Don't say a word. Notice you have not talked about products or even what the name of the company is. You haven't even tried to sell anyone. All you did was have a conversation.

If this person is interested at all, he'll start asking you questions. What is it? you have to sell anything? Or...what's the product? Or, how much does it cost to start it? Or, where can I see it?

Now, here's where you become the consummate professional networker. You say: "Gosh, I don't know enough about anything at this point to tell you much. Let me do a little more research and I'll get back to you in a day or two if that makes sense. I just don't want to look stupid if it isn't as good as I think."

This approach does a couple of things.

If your neighbor, co-worker, whoever is interested they will be pretty excited in a day or two when you give them a link, a DVD or a brochure or video with your info on it and, they will look at it. And they may join or not. Again, don’t try to sell them. Just give them whatever information you want them to have.

Most were not a pushy salesperson. You were a nice guy that sounds like you've got some of the same issues they have. You understand how they feel. You're one of them.

Guess who they'll look up if they decide later to maybe start a business? Not any salesperson. Nope...they'll want to talk to that understanding guy that opened up to them about some of the same issue they and everyone else has.

They enjoyed speaking with you and, if they do join your team, they will listen to you as you help them learn how to sign up other team members.

Another thing that happens with this approach is your retention rate drops way down if your team likes you and feels comfortable with you. In other words, you're one of them. You didn't recruit them. You helped them overcome some problems and made their live better. Also, please remember... you work for your team. Your team doesn't work for you!

And that, my how mlm is supposed to be!

All the best,

Donald Gaw

PS - To easily get in touch anytime you can put my virtual business card onto your phone. just go to your browser on your phone and go to: and

you'll be able to save that to your phone plus, you can share my contact info with others that may want to have their own business or need help with one. Thanks.

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