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New Technology earns income For You daily!

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I looked it up and see that I've posted 389 Press Releases just on IBO alone. That's not counting the many Articles Published on Directory Sites and guest blogs elsewhere.

I mention that to say, in my opinion and with all sincerity, this Press Release will be the single most important one I've ever shared with you, my fellow readers.

I first joined a networking company way back it 1978. I've always enjoyed being in business for myself. I've owned a restaurant, a flea market and a used car lot and a photography studio. And, worked with numerous networking companies. I’ve seen a lot.

Once I share this with you, I will also put it on my personal Blog and then put links to it on many sites throughout the internet. 

Here's why I'm so serious...

In all the decades I've been in business; I know this new technology I'm sharing can benefit you beyond your wildest dreams!

I want you to be blessed by this and I want your life to improve and have all your stress evaporate.

This new business can do that. This is my belief...Go Here

Our Society has changed. We don't use much cash anymore and it's not just the U.S. People in every corner of the Planet use Credit Cards and more frequently...we all use Debit Cards for most of our day to day transactions.

The Banks love this. They get a fee, usually from the Merchant in the case of Debit Card usage for every Transaction made by EVERYONE on Earth...EVERYDAY...Forever!

If you're a Bank you can't lose. Wouldn't it be great to be a Bank!?!

Now here's the exciting part. How would you like to also receive a fee for purchases others made with THEIR Debit Cards?

Our new technology makes this possible and will be a reality this coming January 2020. Check This Out

Just're at home or on vacation or driving or taking a nap or watching TV and while you're doing your 'thing'; people all over the Globe are buying food, clothing, concert tickets, cars, using ATMs and you're getting a fee for each and every one of those transactions...daily.

Every day. Every week. Every month. All year long...!

How much would you earn if you had just 100 people doing this. What if it were 1,000 or even 5,000...what if it were 100,000?

Do you think those people would keep using the debit card if it also saved them money...automatically? Plus...people love technology and once they see all the features of this new card they will want to have it.

There's all kinds of info about the technology behind this remarkable opportunity and I want you to have access to it. Go to my site at:

There are many reasons to become a part of this right now before it all goes viral. Things like bonuses, available discounts etc...and there are still Charter Member openings available so get on board now.

There's nothing to sell. Everyone uses Debit Cards and ours is FDIC Insured and tied to a major bank.

BOTTOM LINE: I PROMISE you. If you don’t get the facts you WILL kick yourselves in the butt! Don't ignore this!

For the 1st time in history YOU don’t have to depend on recruiting people to make LIFE-CHANGING income. All you'll do is give away a FREE app and also a FREE real FDIC insured debit card and are you ready for this??? See It Here

Every time that person swipes that card they will get discounts AND every time....That person SWIPES their card you get PAID.

I’m helping people that truly love HELPING people get started immediately for a super low cost fee and showing them...

How to possibly get paid hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands possibly more times per day by....

YES. Just for being a blessing to others by giving away something FREE.

Take ACTION on this! There are links all over this post so click on one to learn everything. I am here if you'd like to talk or have questions and please...take this seriously. Click for Details


Donald Gaw

Ph 502.608.9055

FB Msg:

Skype: donald.gaw

PS -  We're already earning with this. Go to This Link to learn how!!!

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