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Rabbit's lesson

The other day I was out with my two Boxers, Shadow and Cooper. They were in a field near my home just running around having a grand old time when all of a sudden, a couple of rabbits jumped up from behind some bushes and started running away from where we were.

Well, naturally Shadow took off after them and wow is he a fast runner! I'm always amazed at how fast he is. Anyway, as he gained on these rabbits a funny thing happened.

Almost as if it were prearranged, each rabbit suddenly split up from the other and scampered in opposite directions. This maneuver totally messed with Shadows plans and he put on the brakes and just stood there looking at both as they ran and hopped away to wherever chased rabbits go.

Shadow just couldn't decide which to go after, so he just stayed where he was. He was totally frustrated, perplexed and dismayed that these rabbits wouldn't cooperate by staying together so he could catch them.

The very nerve of these two rabbits splitting up like that! Poor Shadow. With his head hanging down he walked back to where Cooper and I stood and with big, sad brown eyes he look at me with a 'life's not fair' expression. Poor guy.

Life's lessons aren’t always fun.

Strangely, the most energetic of the two dogs, Cooper, stayed by my side during this whole encounter. I've concluded that Cooper must have had occasion to try chasing two rabbits in the past only to be confound by their "let's split up and confuse the dog" strategy. He wasn't going to fall for that tactic again!

I guess they teach this in baby rabbit school.

Later, after we walked back home, Shadow lay down in his favorite spot and with a big sigh...closed his eyes to rest and maybe dream about rabbits and how devious they are. There ought to be a law about teasing well-meaning Boxer Dogs that are trying to have a little fun. Rabbits are evil!!!

Curiously, there’s a Chinese Proverb that says: 'If you chase two rabbits, you'll lose both of them.'

I guess Shadow missed that one...

And, this entire ‘rabbit adventure’ got me wondering.

Isn't it interesting that the most successful people online only focus on one niche but the folks that belong to two or three different Bizops at the same time, for the most part; struggle and usually have limited success!?

It must be about Focus! Hmmmmmm…?

Just sayin...

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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