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The essence of earning a lot of money is: Get a large group of people doing a few simple things consistently every day.

Hi Friends,

You may have seen me post about the rNetwork business opportunity. Just to be clear, I’m not posting this info again just to bother you. I'm writing this with the hope you know in my heart, I just want to help. Having said that, please read this post to the end?


I’m taking a bit of a risk with this post, but here it goes. I know many of you (maybe most) are skeptical about ‘network marketing’ stuff and I get that. But know this, I wouldn’t invite you to look at something if it was a ‘scam’ or a ‘ponzi’ or ‘pyramid’ scheme. offering info about rNetwork, time and again is really because I care about my associates, my team members and my many partners.

I’m set, I have my rNetwork account and am already earning and building my team and I’m excited about the opportunity rNetwork provides for my family, as well as the opportunity to help so many people around the world.

I just want to help my friends gain some financial stability for your future or increase your earning potential, so I’m asking you to please, just take a look at rNetwork and RevvCard. If you need some financial help or if you just love getting huge discounts or if you love helping others, I know rNetwork can help.

Seriously, if people knew what this opportunity is offering, I don't think anyone would say no, it's that powerful. In a nutshell our bank, which is FDIC Insured, will share the fees collected every time someone uses their debit card.

Not only that, but; when those people have others start using our debit card, you will get paid every time those people make a purchase with it. Say you have 10 people that get a free debit card from you. They will also get our free phone app too.

Now, let's say those 10 have 10 people each wanting a free debit card. Now you have 100 or more people making purchases almost daily that you can get paid on! That is huge!!!

The app is free and the debit card is free. But, you get paid when they use it. Who can't sell free?

You might be wondering why anyone would want to use our debit card? Simple...our card and app keep track of discounts and reduced pricing on tons of offers all over the world that you can take advantage of. Not only are you receiving a debit card but, you automatically have the ability to save money on many of the things you're buying anyway. Perfect!

With're saving money and making money by offering a free card to others. Imagine easily being paid several times daily just because you've plugged into the rNetwork and shared a free debit card with a few people?

Click/tap below for rNetwork info, enter your email and I’ll get back to you. You can also check a box if you would like to receive information by text. The details are found here:


Donald Gaw

P. S. - It's simple really...use your debit card and pay full price or, use our free debit card and get discounts and savings; plus, you can get daily earnings when others use their free card.

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