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Frankly, 99% of most MLM Companies Do Not Do This! The truth is, most MLM businesses want you to spend a lot of money...with them!


There are sign-up fees, annual renewal fees, monthly auto ship fees if you want to get paid and; even fees to use the company website.

With standard MLM's you can literally be in debt your first day! Of course, they tell you that you must expect some 'investment' if you want to start a business.

However, with access to new technology and innovative ways of doing can avoid all this expense and; at the same time, be in a very profitable business without spending a dime.

In fact, one company encourages you to be a free member. Bottom line is: They want you to save money...not spend it! I guess a lot has to do with the quality of the people running some of these businesses.

Instead of having to sell anything or, buy products every month and pay fees every time you turn around; the folks I’m talking about want you to keep more of the money you already make!

So, when you join for free (they call free members FANNs), you are able to use their free Concierge Service. And, one of the benefits of included is the r Phone Service.

All you do is fill out a short form and the Concierge will find you the best available deal on your cell service. This can save you money.

Here's one members comment: "Last week we grabbed savings of $199 a month on our cell service, went from $270 monthly to $71 monthly for 3 lines, unlimited text, voice and data. AND 2 new iPhone 11’s AND 2 $100 gift cards, New iPhones delivered today. BOOM!"

Now that’s real savings and a real benefit for that family!

Also, between now and January 2020, they'll be rolling out even more benefits like r Auto, r Mortgage, and more. All of these will be designed to save you money.

I think saving money each month is just as good as making extra money. And just between much money have you really made with mlm? Most (90+%) haven't made any, or very much.

So... here’s a chance to join a new company that's revolutionizing the business world and take advantage of their free offer. You never need to upgrade.

You'll get expert advice and direction from industry insiders on some of life's largest purchase decisions like buying a car, getting a mortgage, choosing a mobile plan, and more.

Just go to this link: Click on the red 'Enroll Now' button at the top of the page and there, you'll see two options. You'll want to choose the 'Join as a FANN' one because that's the free offer.

I should mention there is a paid option called 'Charter Member'. They have additional ways to earn income, but it isn't something you need to do right now.

Join for free. See if the Concierge can lower your monthly expenses. That's it. A real service and a potential blessing for you and your family.

Let me know if you have a question or two.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

My r NETWORK ID # is: 30539765

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