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why do we strive?

Why do we Strive?

Now that the whole World is connected via the Internet, we have come to realize that we all want the same things.

We want more money.

It is apparent in the number of emails you receive for bizops every day.

If you take the number of people that are online every day, that is the number of people looking to make a buck! Is there any other reason to spend so much time in front of your monitor?

A few will tell you that they use the Net to socialize and visit friends. Phooey! That is just a cover (excuse) so you can secretly look for the magic system that will spit out hundreds of dollars daily into your PayPal account.

People without a computer believe if they get a computer, they will become rich. Once they have a computer, they spend the rest of their lives in search of the key to getting rich.

And…the scam artists have picked up on this. They will create a website telling you how wonderful their magic system is. They will ‘prove’ to you how much money you will make with their system and they will tell you that, if you take action now, you can get their system at an unheard-of bargain price.

Note: While looking for the magic solution to your money problems be careful because 98% of these ads are lies! These scammers or ‘self-called gurus’ just want your money. In fact, they want your money as much as you want (need) to make money.

The word you should remember while online is: Caution!

Some look to Affiliate Marketing. It works a bit if you pick the right company to do business with. But, sadly, in a recent survey the average income for all affiliate marketers Worldwide is $67.00…Per YEAR!

What this means in the real world is if you are in a room with 20 online affiliate marketers you will be able to meet 20 people that have lost money online!

The only good news in all this is you are not alone.

Another piece of good news is, if you visit my website at: you will find a way to profit instantly online. This is especially true if you live in the United States. (For once, the laws are in your favor.)

Take a look when you have time.

We are Incentive Marketing Specialist, and we feature several companies that you can start for zero cost. Or for an extremely low cost. And we like companies that do not require auto-ship and that offer free websites for you to use.

We do not ask you to spend much in order to make money. We want you to make money before you spend it. Just makes sense don’t you think?

It works for us.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

P.S. – All our weekly training is also free for all of our partners.

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