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Why You Struggle…It’s Not Your Fault!

Almost 3 decades in business. That's a long time. We've seen all kinds of changes. New products come and go. New sales methods or systems start up and some go away. New markets open. More people decide to try their own businesses. Some succeed. Most do not.

Business, both on and off-line is always in a state of flux. It's always transitioning or re-inventing itself. Morphing into new forms. The rules change. Methods that once worked are replaced at times with other ways of doing business.

Still, the truth is: Until somebody sells something...nobody makes any money!'s becoming harder for us to do that.

In general, what's happening now, I believe, will make it more difficult for the average person to have much success. I wish things could become easier for Jane and Joe Networker.

But, here's their biggest problem.

It's...Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kroger, CVS, Walgreens, etc…All these behemoth businesses have and are making it more and more difficult for you and I to get a share of the profits!

They now rule the Internet, or soon will and they all sell the same products that we're trying to sell in our Networking Businesses!

They have advertising budgets that are larger than some small Nation's GNP! and I cannot compete with this.

Sure, the products in many cases aren't identical and they're packaged differently but; in today's anemic economy, people want and need to save money. So…they’ll buy the bargain item.

If you're selling any diet do the Stores listed above...for less!

Do you sell CBD Oil (who doesn't), Kroger has it. So does Walgreens. My corner Gas Station sells CBD Oil!!!

Black seed oil? GNC and Amazon sell it.

Just this morning, I looked up Moringa. I really like Moringa Oleifera Powder. It's $99 for a month’s supply of small individual packets from a well-known MLM.

Amazon sells a one-pound package of Moringa Powder for $9.99. And, when Amazon sells it for $9.99...they make money on it!

It's almost as if the MLM Business Model will eventually price itself out of existence. This is partly due to the Internet. Amazon is killing small local businesses and Mom & Pop Stores in every Community. Walmart is too.

In the future, we'll be able to tell our Grandkids about shopping at Sears and JCPenney. We'll tell them how we used to walk to the neighborhood grocery and the corner drug store. Heck, you can buy a car online now and they'll deliver it to your home!!!

Our Grandkids won't understand the concept of little, quaint friendly places you drove to to buy something. That's because they only know you get stuff from Amazon or Walmart. All the other places will be boarded up.

All you must do is log on, place an order and it will be delivered tomorrow. You don't need to dress up or burn gas.


Life will go on and we'll adjust. Some will find other revenue streams, most may not. Just my opinion.

We need to think about adapting.

We'll all need to become more creative. We'll have to ferret out some overlooked niches the big guys haven't discovered yet. Maybe some will turn to writing books or start manufacturing products Amazon could sell for you!

Bottom line...if we want to continue with our dream of working for ourselves, we'll need to find ways to earn that will stay under Big Business's Radar.


I still believe in the Human Spirit and in our ability to adjust. It might be painful. We just need to start thinking about those things now.

Thanks for letting me vent a bit.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

PS – To see what I’ve transitioned into to overcome some of the potential problems with networking and being self-employed take a look at: or Text: wegotbank To: 844-944-0916.

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