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Word Selection is Everything!

Have you ever really looked at Advertising? I mean really looked at the words used on billboards, signs, flyers, brochures, pamphlets, business cards, on tv? Ever listen to the words actors in commercials say?

None of it is ad lib. It's all written down and studied and edited until exactly the right word is found. The right word in an Ad can make the difference in success or failure of a product.

It can mean the difference between profits or bankruptcy. This is why Ad Agencies make fortunes. And, it's why a good 'ad man' or copywriter commands 6 figure incomes. They know what words can do.

Here's some examples:

Coke - The Pause that Refreshes

Burger King - Have it your way

DeBeers - Diamonds are forever

Timex - Takes a licking and keeps on ticking

American Express - Don't leave home without it

These are ordinary to us now but the thought that went into these well-known phrases took months to create and edit. The words had to be just right.

But what's the purpose in spending so much time on a little 3- or 4-word phrase in some ad. The purpose is to create some emotional reaction in the reader.

And the reason for that is: People buy when they respond emotionally to the words used or spoken in Advertising. Doesn't matter if it's written on a sign or spoken in a commercial; if the Ad creates some emotional response it will generate more revenue than any dull, lifeless, bland effort. Literally Millions of Dollars depend on just one or two words!

Here's a great example of the power of words. Years ago, I was selling Resort Property. We had some very talented people working for us at this one Resort. Most would sell one or two weeks of Time Share every week. They made good money. It was a beautiful Resort and we did a very good business there.

However, one veteran salesman was selling one or two weeks of time share every day!!! He amazed all of us with his success. We were in awe of his skill and his talent. I worked with him for almost two years and he never had a bad week. He sold every day.

One morning, I stopped for breakfast at a local diner and this Miraculous Salesman of Time Share happened to be in there. I went over to sit with him and he told me that he'd just been offered a management job at a big resort on the Coast.

He was leaving at the end of the week. So... not wanting to miss an opportunity, I asked him if he would tell me his secret to the success he was having at our Resort. Here's what he told me and it's stuck with me all these years.

He said, Donald; "I use the same sales pitch everyone else uses but, instead of always using the term 'time share property' I changed it to 'money saving lifestyle improvement plan'.

For him, using those 5 different words accounted for his phenomenal success selling our Resort Property. Guess who started using those words, too? My sales shot through the roof!!! And, that taught me a lesson and I've not forgotten how important words can be.

So, the next time you compose an Ad, a text, or build a banner, or post on Social Media...choose your words with care. Take your time and create just the right phrasing. Use words that will build a strong emotional response in your target audience. It will make all the difference.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

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