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Working Against the Odds

Almost everyone wants more. More money, better cars, nicer home, the latest phone, smart TV’s, a luxury Vacation at least once or twice yearly. Whatever wonderful thing someone else has, we want one too.

It seems as if we are hardly ever satisfied while constantly searching for that gold at the end of the seldom seen rainbow.

Online has only intensified this scramble for wealth.

There are several myths about the internet that make us act as if the next big thing is just around the corner.

One such myth is that making money online is easy. It is not!

You have got to work your online business just as hard as you work a regular j.o.b. You’ve got to put in the hours. You must be consistent. And you cannot treat it as a hobby. Either do the work or quit wasting your money.

Another myth is that the ‘guru’ that sold you his ‘shiny new system’ will help you become as rich as he is. He will not!

Selling that ‘system’ or ‘new app’ is how he earns money. It is not the system itself. Most of these ‘new’ programs are simply a re-hash of other, similar programs re-packaged with new copy writing, new claims of wealth and with dubious ‘testimonials’ included.

Hint: most ‘coaches’ make money selling you a course on ‘How to be a Coach’.

Here are other things to avoid.

Classified Ad Sites… do not produce.

Buying Leads… is a waste of money.

Your upline cares about you… nope. He’s going broke too and has his own problems.

The mlm drink, pill or powder is a breakthrough ‘miracle’… not even close. 9 times out of 10 you can get a similar product at GNC or WalMart or Target with the same ingredients and for less money.

Here are a couple of facts to give you something to think about.

According to studies only 2% of working Actors earn enough to live on each year.

Here is another statistic. According to the FTC…only 1% of anyone in an MLM earns any profit.

So…I guess, according to these figures, we would have twice as much of a chance at surviving as an Actor over being in a MLM.

Now I am not suggesting we all run out and present ourselves at the nearest screen test. What I am suggesting is you take a few sensible precautions about what type of business you join.

Generally speaking, do not pay to sign up with any company. There are several good businesses opportunities you can join for free.

Do not belong to any company that requires an auto-ship.

Only consider a company if it has been in business over 3 years.

Do not join a company if it is not rated by the BBB and the rating must be A+.

Avoid pills, potions, and lotions. Their benefits are usually questionable and there is too much competition.

Okay…what do I look for? How do I improve my odds of being successful?

Look for a Company that offers real Services. Personal Services, Business Services, Marketing and Sales, Children’s Services, Events, Services for the Home. There are tons of choices.

What do you like to do?

Can you turn that into a business? Could you help others do it?

There are no limits. Stop following the Crowd. There is real work available in all kinds of businesses you can do at home. You just got to look.

The bottom line is: Most MLM is a set up for a set back. If you need's not the way to go.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

P.S. We have a couple of opportunities on our Site at: if you like to visit.

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