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you are not going to believe this!!!

People tell me, “I’m so glad I looked at the entire thing, I would have been physiologically INSANE if I would have passed this up!”

Pay very close attention to what I’m going to share with you right now.

OK so let me paint this picture for you...OK so I got hopped on the phone with a good source of mine, 1,000% real truth source (can’t mention names)

And what I heard with my very own ears; I cannot share with you but if the information I’m about to share with you below excites you...then get READY because what I know is about to happen will change your life.

Here’s the full scoop:

For the first time in banking industry history a brand new FDIC insured bank is giving back to its customers in a massive way. And…it’s NEVER been done before.

It’s FDIC insured (don’t know what FDIC is, Google it) that’s going to be available worldwide. Yes, it’s a real bank based out of the USA that’s going to be available worldwide. But what makes this bank special and one of a kind?

I’ll tell you. It’s the very first bank in the world to ever share it’s “merchant fees” with its customers.

Do you know what a merchant fee is?

Let me explain, it’s simple. Whenever you swipe your debit card or insert it to type in your pin code...

Wherever you use your debit card it doesn’t matter where...that little machine with the numerical keypad where you swipe your card or insert’s called a terminal processing machine by the way.

That terminal machine is owned by a bank. That little machine is what enables you to pay the store for your purchase. It’s how you are able to buy your stuff and it’s how the store receives your money.

But, did you know that every time you use your debit card to pay for your stuff, a piece of that payment goes to the bank? It’s called a merchant fee and it’s a fee collected by the bank.

Yes, banks are filthy rich! Literally every time you use your debit card it’s KA-CHING for the issuing bank.

Well....this is what separates our new bank from all others.

This new bank is the FIRST and ONLY fully regulated bank in the WORLD to share their merchant fees with its customers. Yes! This has never been done before!

Imagine getting a piece of those fees? Imagine getting a piece of those fees that the bank makes EVERY time someone uses their debit card. Are you starting to understand WHY so many people around the world are waiting for this bank to open?

OK now check this gets even better.

Imagine pulling out your debit card and getting discounts at pretty much everywhere you used it. Not having to cut out coupons, no having to log into your back office to show a bar code etc. LITERALLY just pull out your debit card, use it like you normally do and INSTANTLY get discounts and savings!


What I’m about to share with you will KNOCK your socks off! And it’s the reason WHY our team is bringing new members on board every Day!

OK so now you have this amazing savings portal that’s attached to your debit card and hooks you up with all kinds of stuff...from restaurants, clothes, theme parks, movie tickets, popcorn, concerts, fast food, hotels, Disneyland, name it we got it.

But it’s all TIED to your little DEBIT card.... Which is attached to this AMAZING bank.

Check this out...This is where it gets CRAZY good!!

How would you like to get paid when other people use their debit card? Do you think they’ll be using “our bank’s debit card” instead of their old current card that doesn’t save them a dime? —> HELL YES!!!

You bet I’m going to be using my new debit card! WHY WOULDN’T YOU???

Now let me paint this last picture for you:

We are NOT only going to get discounts instantly for using our debit cards.

We are NOT only going to get paid when FREE customers use their debit cards.

We are NOT only going to get paid from all our team members when they use their debit cards.

We are NOT only going to get paid on our team member’s FREE customers.

We are NOT only going to get paid on their FREE customer’s customers.

But we are going to get paid on EVERYTHING else our bank offers.

Like, Mortgages, Loans, Payroll, when people pay their RENT, their Mortgage, their bills, etc...Pretty much EVERYTHING, why? Because we are a BANK. A real FDIC insured bank!

So not only are we happy because we’re saving money on stuff, we’re already buying anyways. But, we’re also making money LITERALLY like a bank does!!!! Now do you see the BIG picture?

Oh yes.... I almost forgot, remember when I said that I got on the phone with a good source?

Well.... if you aren’t excited yet and unless you don’t have a pulse you should be OVER THE MOON by now. What I know but can’t share WOULD HAVE YOU BUSTING THROUGH YOUR FRONT DOOR AND SHARING THIS WITH THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!

Because if you knew what I know...Boy o boy o boy o boy...Look, honestly, I can literally stop promoting this right now and I’d be set for life. But it’s not about me. It’s about sharing this amazing literally once in a lifetime opportunity with others. It’s about blessing those who have tried everything and are still nowhere.

It’s about helping others...

If you want to know WHY we are the company’s #1 team...and WHY we are exploding with new team members joining us daily...then become a member today. Here’s a link:

I PROMISE you this will change your life...The promotion we have right now will forever change your life!!! But hurry because it won’t be around forever. Wishing everybody a great weekend God bless you and your family.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

P. S. – I’m running a personal promotion. Here’s the deal. Become a member using my link: and I will gift you a Complimentary Vacation. I’ll tell you all about it as soon as you join.

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