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Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Here's why people may have a problem with you and your business. Do you talk fast or loud when you mention your new business? Do you try talking them into going to a meeting or getting on a 3-way call? Do you use a lot of hyped-up phrasing like: "the people that get in now will make the most" or..."we build your downline for you" or..."this will change your life" or..."you don't want to miss out on this deal" or..."you'll be able to fire your boss". What's happening here is you've lost all credibility because we've all heard this crap before. Most of your upline has no clue how to sell so they're repeating this garbage over and over and they tell you to say the same things they've been saying for the last decade. If you've not studied sales psychology or learned what makes people tick then you don't know any better either so; you start spewing all the antiquated jargon someone told you to say. God help us all...we've all heard this junk a million times and...THAT'S WHY YOU CAN'T RECRUIT. Because...if you don't know what to do or say no one will trust you and; this is why the failure rate is something like 95% in the network marketing industry. The last person I'd ever want to have join my team is a former salesman. They can't help themselves. They embellish or outright lie to try to convince you to join whatever program they have. It's called arm-twisting. It shows a deep lack of respect for your fellow man. Their other problem is they don't know how to follow up and help anyone that signs up with them. They're only interested in the initial sale and that's it. Why do you think you have a hard time getting answers to simple questions once you join a program? Because your upline is busy trying to twist someone else's arm. It's all they know. Here's how you should build your team. Offer Value. Value speaks for itself. Value makes sense. Value gives you much more than you pay. Value is a bargain. Value is something people want. (we hate being sold anything) Value is a class act and people want to be perceived as professional. Value never has to lie or hype or arm-twist. Value is obviously real. Value will do the work for you. Now...if you've found a program that offers value and; if that program is very affordable...well, that means you've hit a home-run. Here's an example I belong to. It's a program that offers a lot of benefit to it's members. But, what can you make in a business like that? It's just $21.95 monthly. Well, this one pays on 10 levels. While this program has super benefits on its own, I add extra benefits to anyone joining my personal team under me. In other words...I add Value. I don't need to sell anything. All I do is mention that I've found a way to save a lot of money each month. Then I say: "Let me know if you'd ever like to look into that yourself." Period...that's all you say. If they want a link...give it to them and let the value of the program do the work. This will make your life so much easier. There's just too much stress trying to be some slick, used car type, high pressure salesman. You don't need to do that if you have big value tied to your offer. With this little program a U.S. resident can expect to receive almost $400 in Value each month. And, that's not including any tax breaks you might get as a U. S. resident.

Set yourself up to win. Your business will grow if it offers real Value. If you'd like to learn more on how to add Value to your offers just get in touch and I will help you. You can visit us at: Sincerely, Donald Gaw

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