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You're Paying Them so They Can Profit!!! Huh?

Here's a typical Network Marketing Scenario...

A few well to do businessmen and businesswomen decide to start their own Multi-Level Marketing Business.

They know that if they market it correctly, people will pay them to join the new company in order to get 'first mover' advantage.

And, they know that a big percentage of those new enrollees will purchase Product.

So...a company is formed. They've found a private manufacturer that will place the new company's Label onto some of whatever they're making and; advertising begins.

At this point, the Company starts advertising online. They tout the many benefits of their 'new' diet pills. They proclaim that their pay plan is the most lucrative in the industry.

And...they tell you they are doing you a huge favor by letting you enroll for only $49.00!

I mean...these are great people, right?!

People start joining, momentum builds; more and more folks join just knowing this Company is 'The One'. Pretty soon the company has 100,000 distributors worldwide and life is great!

Great for the Company. Even better for the owners. The 2 or 3 'owners' at the top have made approximately $5,000,000.00 in less than a year just on enrollment fees! Not bad for a few months work and some good hype!

Look a little closer at this...

Sure they had a product but they didn't manufacture it themselves. All they did was print some labels.

And...all they did to say they had a company is form a Corporation in Nevada or Delaware and then take a Stock Photo of some office building to show you they had a 'headquarters'.

Their mailing address is a UPS Store. Their Customer Service is a boiler room in the Philippines...if they even have customer service. And, their website could have been put together by some kid in IT School for a few bucks.

The key here is: The fee to join!

Doesn't matter how much it is. It's totally unnecessary if a Company is Legit. All that fee does is make money for the owner and he or she can skip town in a few months with a few million and go drink Mai Tai's in Tailand.

They don't really care if they sell products. They don't care about you either. They do care about the fee to join. there will also be a monthly fee for the website and maybe another fee for their 'one of a kind' marketing system that you simply must have if you're gonna be one of there 'top producers'. Make sure you also get on Autoship...if you're serious that is! Riiiigghhhht!

My advice - "Don't join any Company that charges you a fee just so you can sell their products to make a profit for...their Company."

Why do they need a fee if their products are so great? And we wonder why mlm has a dubious name.

Bottom line is: A Company that's real, that's legitimate, that has great products will never charge you to join. They will happily give you a website and marketing tools so you can present their products in order for you both to earn an honest profit. Such a company will allow you to build your own business, they will pay you on time, every time and will happily partner with you for no cost whatsoever! They can do this because they have real products that offer real benefits to your customers. I know of two Companies that are like that. Here's My Favorite

Stop going into debt before you've even made your first dime! All the best,

Donald Gaw PS - All our Partners receive free training. You will not be left behind.

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